Friday, 14 September 2012

The Odyssey - Homer

Possibly the finest book I've ever read, and I would recommend that anyone with the slightest interest in History, Literature, ancient civilisations or just badass tales should definately read it.

Written in around 800BC (making it the oldest book I've read to date), some of the terms and sayings don't quite make sense anymore (such as references to Battles which had happened hundreds of years earlier), but given that it's almost 3,000 years old it's okay to let that slide.

A nice touch is the constant mention of the Gods, and how basically everything that happened -whether positive or negative- was down to them, such as rumours spreading through villages or cities were incited by the Gods, or boats being driven from their course being the fault of Poseiden.

Given that this book predates the Bible by 800 years, it surprised me how the book actually gives more of an idea on how to live a good life, like how many of the 'good guys' are described, such as "Valiant Odysseus" or "Cowardly Athene"(sic) etc.

Would very much recommend anyone to buy this book, or at least download a copy of it, as it's definately my current favourite book (not said lightly).

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